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Richmond Criminal Defense Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

Bender Law Group defends individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Virginia and federal court. Firm founder Elliott Bender has decades of experience representing individuals in Richmond and throughout the Commonwealth charged with all manner of criminal offenses, including successful representation in the Supreme Court of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia has some of the nation’s strictest laws in areas such as DUI and is one of the country’s most vigorous enforcers of the death penalty. Elliott Bender and his fellow attorneys at the Bender Law Group work strenuously to get charges reduced or dropped or otherwise obtain the most favorable outcome in any criminal prosecution. Call the Bender Law Group immediately after an arrest to put yourself in the best position regarding your criminal case.

Comprehensive Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyers

Count on the Bender Law Group to provide strong, professional representation in any criminal law matter in Virginia, including all of the following:

  • Drug Charges – Harsh Virginia drug laws are vigorously enforced and zealously prosecuted by Commonwealth’s Attorneys looking to make a name for themselves in the media or proclaim they are keeping our streets safe. Innocent people and low-level drug offenders can easily get swept up in this mania and unfairly targeted for prosecution. Bender Law Group can help make sure your rights are protected and challenge any arrest by pointing out problems with evidence or police procedure. Drug offenses can often be charged as different classes of misdemeanors or felonies based on the type and amount of drug and other factors; we’ll work to get charges reduced as low as possible – if we can’t get them dismissed altogether – and present a vigorous defense in court if your case goes to trial.

  • White Collar Crime – State and federal law enforcement agencies often spend months or years building up white collar cases before charges are ever filed, placing defendants at a significant disadvantage upon arrest. Additionally, white collar offenses often involve extremely lengthy, complicated and highly technical statutes that are so complex even scholars and experts disagree over what type of activity may violate the law. We’ll represent you while an investigation is ongoing and work to prevent charges from being filed in the first place, or provide knowledgeable and assertive representation in a prosecution for fraud, embezzlement, securities or tax crimes, Internet crimes and other white collar offenses.

  • Violent Crime – A conviction for a violent crime, especially a felony, can brand you as a dangerous person in the eyes of the law, your employer and your neighbor, with the possibility of serious jail or prison time. Certain violent offenses also count as “strike offenses” in Virginia, which can lead to a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Every violent crime arrest should be vigorously challenged with all applicable defenses, including self-defense, defense of others, provocation or others. From simple assault to robbery and homicide, the experienced and successful Richmond criminal defense attorneys at the Bender Law Group provide strong, effective defense of violent crime charges.

  • Sex Offenses – Even just being charged with a sex offense can disrupt your life at home, at work and in the community, and a vigorous defense against the charges or a well-reasoned plea bargain is necessary to clear your good name. Conviction of certain sex crimes can land you on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry for decades or even the rest of your life. The Bender Law Group defends individuals charged with sexual assault, solicitation, prostitution, Internet sex crimes and other Virginia sex offenses. We also represent individuals attempting to remove themselves from the registry.

  • Federal Offenses – The Eastern District of Virginia has very specific rules regarding filings, deadlines and appearances in criminal cases and civil cases. We have the expertise and experience to handle federal cases, including weapons, drugs and conspiracy charges.

  • Student Misconduct – Students at the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, and elsewhere may be just getting started out in their professional lives; a charge of cheating, academic misconduct, or violating student codes regarding drinking or other activities can derail a future before it has even begun. We’ll provide a strong defense in the academic setting or with state police and the courts to help get that future back on track.

  • Probation Violations – Getting probation instead of jail time is often considered an excellent result in a criminal prosecution, but the terms of probation can be very strict, and violation of probation can result in immediate sentencing or an even longer probation period, with even more and greater restrictions imposed. Probation cannot be altered or revoked without due process of law; we’ll make sure you are fairly heard and provide a strong case against an alleged probation violation.

  • Expungement – A criminal arrest record can haunt you for years, keeping you from the job, housing, credit or education you are seeking. Fortunately, Virginia law provides for the sealing or expungement of police and court records in the case of an acquittal, dismissal of charges or nolle presequi, pardon or other circumstances. Expungement is not automatic; you must apply and convince the court that an expungement is warranted. We can help you determine whether expungement may be available and represent you in the process to get your record sealed. Once the record is expunged, you can legally state on employment applications and other documents that you have not been arrested.

Make Your First Call to Bender Law Group after a Virginia Arrest

If you’re being investigated or questioned by police, or if you’ve been arrested for a state or federal crime in Virginia, call the Bender Law Group at 804-648-8000 for a free consultation with an experienced, dedicated and successful Richmond criminal defense lawyer. We’re available to take your call and provide immediate assistance any time of the day or night.

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